Cheshire East Councillor defects to UKIP

Cllr Andrew Barratt with Louise Bours MEP

A former Conservative mayor has become the latest politician to cross the floor and join UKIP.

Cllr Andrew Barratt an ex-mayor of Congleton Borough and a sitting councillor for Cheshire East, said he left the Conservatives after ‘it became clear the councillors were more concerned with what they council could do for them, than what they could do for the people they were elected to represent.’

The former policeman left the Conservative group in May to become and independent, after disagreements with the leadership.

He said: “When Michael Jones took over as leader of the Tories it all became dictatorial, and the idea we were there to serve local residents was dropped.

“I am disgusted that even in the face of huge cuts to funding, the Tory group have increased the number of allowances they pay themselves. I can’t imagine any of the electorate would have voted for that.

“I didn’t know a lot about UKIP at the time, so became independent. However, since learning more about the party and how they insist local councillors vote according to the views of their electorate I have no doubt that joining them will benefit those I represent.

“Joining UKIP will mean I am free to put my residents first.”

Meeting him for the first time since his defection, UKIP MEP Louise Bours, said: “I know how hard Andrew works for his local constituents, and I am delighted he is now a UKIP councillor.

“The Tories have had their day here, they’ve become complacent and taken the voters for granted.

“Local people are starting to realise the Tory group has achieved nothing for them, and are looking for a party that will fight for them, not against them.

Last year Willaston Councillor Brian Sylvester joined UKIP, having been a Conservative councillor for over 20 years and their former deputy leader of the council

Ms Bours added: “It is clear the conservative group on Cheshire East council is withering on the vine.”




Wigan Councillor Shame

wigan town hall













Dear Editor,

If the allegations in the press last week that Wigan Councillor, Robert Bleakley has not only run up a £2,400 bill on his local authority mobile phone; but also sent a number of vile, sexist text messages are accurate, he should do the honourable thing and resign his seat.

Last elected in May 2012 for the Liberal Democrats, Bleakley has now had his council mobile taken off him.

Sadly, local voters in Tyldesley cannot remove him until 2016 when his term is due to expire. If only voters had the power to recall their elected representatives if they were proven to be unfit for office.

Perhaps it is time for Wigan Council to draw up a new code of conduct that councillors must follow.

In the meantime they should deduct £2,400 from his allowance in order for his phone bill to be paid out of his pocket, not ours.

Yours faithfully

Louise Bours, UKIP MEP for North West England

Hands off our Toast



People should be allowed to use their own loaf instead of being told by interfering EU officials how to make toast, said MEP Louise Bours.

If folk prefer their toast on the well done side and like a crunch in their roasties that’s surely up to them,” she said.

Her remarks follow a warning from the European Food Safety Authority that toast should only be eaten when it’s a light yellow colour and dark crispy roast potatoes and jacket potatoes should be ditched in favour of boiled, steamed or sautéed spuds.

 Their advice, which also picks on well done chips and crisps, has been issued to highlight the dangers of the chemical acrylamide. This is formed in starchy foods cooked at high temperatures.

 “This is not a new discovery and it has been linked for years with an increased risk of cancer but Cancer Research UK points out while it causes cancer in mice and rats there isn’t good evidence of a link with people.But EU officials like to take every opportunity they can, regardless of the strength of evidence, to mollycoddle us in this increasing nanny state,” said Ms Bours,  Euro-MP for the North West and UKIP health spokesman.

 “Brussels currently has about 30 electrical items in its sights to restrict their wattage to save energy. In a double whammy no doubt high power toasters will be specially high on the list as we obviously can’t be trusted not to burn the toast while burning the power.

“Another day, another EU edict, there seems to be no corner of our every day life they won’t stick their interfering nose in. I appreciate this latest is advice not instruction but every time they tell us what we should be doing people listen less,” she added.



Letter to Knutsford Guardian

Dear Editor,

As your newly elected MEP for the region and a fellow resident of Cheshire East, I would like to echo the comments being made by Knutsford town councillors regarding the recent winter garden waste shutdown consultation.

Whilst the level of garden waste is lower in the colder winter months, that doesn’t mean that waste will not build up over this period. For many residents, garden upkeep is a year round task as many rightly feel proud to have a tidy garden whether it be January or July. These residents pay their council tax and expect regular bin collections from their local authority.

A build up of garden waste, particularly if we have another mild, wet winter, will attract pests such as rats and flies and could lead to a public health hazard in the spring if they are not properly dealt with. Twelve weeks between the last collection in November and the first collection in February is simply far too long. Garden waste should, at the very least, be collected once in both December and January before a regular service resumes in February.

Yours Faithfully,

Louise Bours MEP