Danger of new Hospital PFI scheme warning

healthcareA report pointing out that the new private finance model for NHS hospitals will cause even more debt than the existing system should sound loud warning bells, said UKIP Health spokesman Louise Bours MEP.

“We all know the NHS is in dire financial straits and staggers from one dubious decision to another in terms of strategy and budget cuts.

“This report by the independent think tank Centre for Health and the Public Interest  makes worrying reading and must not be brushed under the carpet,” said Ms Bours, North West MEP.

It says that the higher cost of borrowing means that the move will ultimately be more expensive for NHS Trusts – but meanwhile private investors can expect a 15 per cent higher rate of return than under the old system at current market conditions.

The new private finance projects (PF2) must be structured on a basis of 20-25 per cent equity and 75-80 per cent debt, compared to the 10 per cent equity and 90 per cent debt that was the norm for PFI hospitals. Of that equity investment, the Government will hold between 25-49 per cent making it a minority investor and taking on the both the risk and profit of its new PF2 role.

“NHS Trusts are already financially crippled by PFI’s and this new model is said to be worse for them and leave the finances of the health service exposed to greater risk.

“The Department of Health has admitted previous PFI schemes were ‘overambitious, expensive and did not deliver for patients’ and I am very concerned that the new model is going to make matters worse not better,” said Ms Bours.


Cameron caught lying at PMQs

camUKIP Health spokesperson Louise Bours has criticised David Cameron’s response to Mark Reckless first question as a UKIP MP, during Wednesdays PMQs.

She said “Mr Reckless was asking a perfectly sensible question about Medway Hospital. Like all good constituency MPs he was raising an issue that will be of concern to many people in Rochester and Strood”.

She continued “David Cameron’s assertion that UKIP doesn’t believe in the NHS and wants to break it up is a cheap shot, and a downright lie. There is a concerted effort from the established parties to peddle non truths and misinformation about UKIP and the NHS”.

“I would suggest David Cameron, and Ed Miliband for that matter read UKIP’s policy on health, and get their facts right. It is a dangerous ploy to attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the British people with lies and falsehoods”.

NHS ombudsman should be scrapped

healthcarePlans to improve the NHS ombudsman service will turn out to be too little too late, warned UKIP health spokesman Louise Bours.

“They are talking about ‘radical modernisation’ but what is really needed is a completely different approach to dealing with NHS standards.

“Along with the Quality Care Commission and Monitor it should be binned and instead we should introduce county health boards. Under innovative UKIP plans these boards would inspect health services and also take evidence from whistle blowers.

“Members of the boards would be elected locally and consist of health professionals, not politicians. These boards would bring local democratic control to all major local health decisions directly affecting our communities.

“I congratulate the Patients Association for raising concerns about the ombudsman service, which they describe as ‘wholly ineffective and failing families’. It speaks volumes that they have stopped referring callers to it.

“Their new report quotes a user as comparing it to asking a poacher to investigate missing pheasants. How apt and how sad,” said Ms Bours, North West MEP.

“Our health service is is a state of great need and great turmoil and patients are increasingly worried about it and the ramifications for their own health needs. Patients must always come first and there must be a robust and transparent complaints system in place.”



Labour Lies about UKIP

bours2Labour’s endless lies about UKIP and the NHS are a sign of their total desperation, is the message from UKIP’s health spokesman, in response to Andy Burnham’s recent allegations that the anti-EU party want to privatise the NHS.

Louise Bours MEP, UKIP’s health chief said: “Not only is it a downright lie to say we want to privatise the NHS, it is also the height of hypocrisy coming from the party responsible for giving £10bn of NHS money a year to profit making investors.

“They are lying because they are desperate, they have been unmasked as being as disinterested in working people as the Tories, and real people are dropping them by the truck load.

“Just today we hear that Milliband is the most unpopular Labour leader in history, even among his own supporters.

“What Labour don’t seem to understand is that policies develop and change over time, and the comments he is relying on to lie to the public are two years old.

“I’m baffled as to why he doesn’t understand that policies can change, since his own party have changed so many of their own.

“Last year they reversed their child benefit policy, a year ago they were calling it racist to reduce immigration, in the last couple of months they have reversed their policy of not wanting to renegotiation with the EU.

“I welcome these changes, if they are genuine, and that is what politics is about – developing policies as circumstances and public opinion changes.

“That is called democracy, no wonder Labour don’t recognise it.”

Shocking GP Survey Results


Results of a survey showing that one in 20 GPs are considering closing their practice within six months have been described as “shocking” by UKIP health spokesman Louise Bours.

“The government wants to keep people out of hospital and target more resources to primary care but meanwhile the medics they are relying on to make that work are heading for the door.

“We have a major crisis in our health service generally and increasingly it is affecting GPs, who are at the heart of health in the community,” said Ms Bours.

Her comments follow a survey in the GP’s medical magazine, Pulse, which showed that of 564 GPs who responded 5% are thinking about handing back their contracts to NHS England within six months. And almost 13% said they could not see their practices remaining viable beyond the next two years.

“The government has spoken of recruiting thousands more GPs but that can’t be done overnight with the lengthy training involved and meanwhile the system is in dire straights.

“There is plainly massive discontent among GPs who are struggling with an increasing workload and this extremely serious situation must be treated as the emergency it is,” said Ms Bours.

“The bottom line is we should be asking the GPs how the situation should be addressed. Too many times the NHS is re-organised and it just creates more problems than it solves as those because the views of those actually at the coalface are not taken on board,” she added.


T-shirt row demonstrates out of touch political elite

femThe row over the “feminist” T-shirts is another demonstration of just how frighteningly out of touch the political elite is, said local MEP Louise Bours today.

“What on earth do Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and Harriet Harman think they are doing parading around in an outrageously over-priced T-shirt promoting feminism which is actually produced by some of the most poorly-paid and down trodden women in the world?

“Feminism is definitely one thing that has not touched their lives but thanks to the metropolitan liberal elite at least now the plight of the sweatshop workers in Mauritius has been highlighted and a fantastic outcome would be an improvement in their wages.

UKIP ANNUAL CONFERENCE DONCASTER 2014‚Äã“Only the wealthy would glibly hand over £45 for such a garment thinking they are helping the “sisterhood”. Working class single mums in my constituency, who actually know what real feminism means, would have far more sense than to hand over their hard earned cash in order to promote a liberal, elitist out-of-touch ideal,” said Ms Bours.