More rigorous language checks welcomed

​Law change on language skills check for Nurses due to determined pressure from UKIP

Nurses from the European Union will for the first time have their language skills checked before working for the NHS, ministers will announce today.

UKIP Health spokeswoman Louise Bours MEP said: “This law change would not have come about without the determined pressure from

“The language test for EU immigrants should be as stringent as the test for non EU immigrants, as it is just as dangerous to be looked after by an EU national that cannot speak English as it is an immigrant from elsewhere.

“It is a sensible law, and it is recognition that up to now NHS patients have been put at risk by the UK government blindly following EU rules.”

EU Spending a disgrace

Confirmation that the UK will spend £97.7 billion gross on EU membership between now and 2020 was described as “a disgrace” by UKIP MEP Louise Bours today.

“Even the net figure of £64.2 billion is eye watering and demonstrates how down-trodden we have become under EU rule,” she said.

The confirmation of the figures was given in response to a written question from independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon, who Ms Bours congratulated for his assiduous questioning on the cost of our EU membership.

“He is spot on saying that, ‘the EU will bleed us dry to pay for public services in other member states, while steadily dismantling our Parliamentary democracy and freedoms.’No-EU

“We have been told by the government we face more years of austerity and our £1.6 trillion national debt shows no real sign of reduction yet we are still shackled to the money-draining European Union,” said Ms Bours, North West Euro MP.

“It is a disgraceful situation and we must leave the EU as a matter of urgency. These debts are creating a terrible financial burden for future generations and they will look back in anger at this folly.

“Meanwhile let us not forget the £8 billion shortfall in the NHS. That is just a drop in the ocean compared to the vast amounts handed over to the EU and it is money we need here, instead of it being wasting in Brussels,” she added.


The A&E Crisis


The A & E crisis hitting hospitals all over the country could be eased if the paperwork burden was eased on family doctors, said UKIP health spokesman Louise Bours.

“Our GPs are under enormous pressure and overburdened with the tick box data collection culture instigated by the Labour Party. It is no wonder that some patients have problems getting an

“Heading instead to A & E is not necessarily the best course of action but people worried about their health, particularly if elderly or with young children, understandably want to be seen sooner rather than later,” said Ms Bours.

“Just imagine how many more patients could be accommodated if GP’s across the country were freed from the data collection burden. Most GPs are working 11-13 hour days and simply cannot do any more and extra stress will just lead to them going off sick themselves or leaving the profession.

“While the emergency crisis continues if GPs were absolved from doing any of the routine work such as attending clinical commissioning group meetings, chronic target-chasing, appraisal work, revalidation, CQC visits etc they could be freed up to see acute emergencies.

“There is obviously no one simple answer to the NHS problems in general and the current A & E crisis in particular but bed-blocking is a major part of the problem.

“There needs to be joined-up thinking and funding for health and social care to put right the problems caused by both the Labour and Coalition governments.

“If community beds and support services were more available that would help free up more beds. It is not just getting seen in A & E that is a problem there is then a problem in admitting patients because of bed shortages.

“Closing wards has not helped one jot and since 2007 eight A &E s in England have been closed or downgraded. In 2013 there was a record 3.8million emergency admissions and I fear last year’s figures may prove to be higher.

“With nearly 250,000 new people coming into the country each year our health services are at breaking point and the impact of uncontrolled immigration must not be overlooked as contributing to the crisis,” said Ms Bours, North West MEP.


This press release has been featured in an article on the medical news website PULSE which you can read  HERE

EU Tobacco restrictions make criminals rich

Spanish police have today said two former IRA members were arrested last week as part of an investigation into money laundering and tobacco smuggling.

Louise Bours, UKIP MEP for the North West and spokesman on Health, said today: “The arrest of two IRA convicted terrorists for smuggling millions of euros’ worth of cigarettes is yet more proof that the heavy-handed interference by the EU in the tobacco trade is making criminals rich.”

“Oppressive restrictions on the legal sale and packaging of tobacco are the EU’s gift to smugglers, money-launderers and terrorists. These restrictions make it vastly profitable for Asian factories to manufacture contraband cigarettes which are then smuggled into the UK and other EU countries by the container load, destroying the business of legal, tax-paying manufacturers and tobacconists.”Cigarette-Smuggling

“The EU’s insistence on maintaining a perfect environment for fraudsters means a collapse in trade for British corner shops, which depend on tobacco sales to keep their businesses going.”

“Cigarette manufacturing in the UK is being hit, with hundreds of jobs lost because of packaging restrictions demanded by the EU Tobacco Directive. The busy-body, meddling EU must stop destroying jobs and investments. The way British adults choose to use legal tobacco is no business of Brussels, ” Ms Bours said.