Health postcode Lottery

Tories proposal for Manchester is a recipe for another postcode lottery in the health system

UKIP Health Spokesman Louise Bours MEP responds to proposals by George Osborne for Councils to control NHS budgets:

“What the Tories are proposing for Manchester is a recipe for yet another disastrous postcode lottery in the health system. This is a clear example of politicians making health policy not on health grounds, but because they believe it will win them votes.

“It cannot be right that the purse strings for Greater Manchester’s health will be controlled by 645 councillors in the area, just a handful less than the number of MPs in the Commons. What qualifications do they have for this role? Who will be accountable? Who can we blame when it all goes wrong? It will simply lead to the kind of unfairness we have already seen in the Scottish system, for instance, when residents there get free prescriptions for instance, while the rest of the country does not.

“Councillors too, being politicians, will use the money to promote their own electioneering health policies, instead of really doing that is right for the people in their area.

“UKIP has long argued that health and social care should be merged, and for better scrutiny and accountability at a local level to ensure the right decisions about local health needs are made and patients are protected. This will not help: we need less politicians in the health service, not more.

EU oven proposals slammed

UKIP MEP Louise Bours turns the heat up on the EU over new oven ban

Tomorrow new EU legislation will come into force which imposes a maximum power limit on ovens and hobs. The EU has previously banned traditional lightbulbs, powerful hoovers, old oven gloves and more.

North West MEP Louise Bours stated, “Surely the EU has more important things to worry about? The continent is tearing itself apart and they are trying to ban powerful ovens. bours-10-02-2015-275

Of course we want energy efficient appliances however there is already huge pressure from the market on these firms to provide this. It is not for the EU to impose another ill thought out blanket ban.

Homeowners are perfectly capable of decided for themselves what power oven they want. Brussels refuses to understand that it cannot interfere in every part of our lives.”


Notes to Editor-

MEP calls for end to FGM


Local UKIP MEP Louise Bours has used her maiden speech in the European Parliament to call for an end to female genital mutilation.

In the hard hitting speech in Strasbourg Ms Bours pointed out that there are tens of thousands of cases of FGM in the UK and not one person has been brought to justice.

“It’s the failed policy of multiculturalism which has given rise to this abomination across the UK.

“In the UK elected officials and representatives have turned a blind eye to this practice in order not to ´offend´ minority communities and avoid being labelled as racist.

   Louise Bours MEP
Louise Bours MEP

“Lack of integration within these communities and a political class too afraid to speak out are allowing this practice to continue. It is these people who have let down the thousands of young girls and women butchered in the name of a backward, cultural custom.

“This evil practice must end – politicians and the justice system must have the courage to act – protecting children has to take priority over zealous and outdated political correctness,” said Ms Bours, who is a substitute member on the EU committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality.



Zero tolerance to FGM

(SPEECH)Turning a blind eye in the name of multiculturalism – Louise Bours MEP

• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 10 February 2015

• Louise BOURS MEP (North West), UK Independence Party (UKIP), Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group.bours-10-02-2015-275
– Bluecard question: Catherine Bearder MEP (Lib Dems, UK), Liberal group (ALDE)

• Debate: Zero tolerance for female genital mutilation (FGM)


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Health Tourism concerns

UKIP Health: GPs should screen for diagnosis, not immigration status.

‘The only screening GPs should be doing is for health diagnoses, not eligibility to free care’, said Ukip’s health spokesman, in response to news of a new government pilot.

Under the trial, to be undertaken in ten areas of the country most healthcareaffected by high immigration, patients registering for GP services will have to show their European Health Insurance card in order to help the government recover some of the costs from other EU countries.

The scheme could lead to British patients being asked to prove they are entitled to free NHS care.

GP’s groups are against the plans saying it will turn GP’s into debt collectors.

Ukip’s Health Spokesman, Louise Bours MEP, said: “This system will be complicated to administer and take time away from GPs that they could be spending treating patients.

“The government should not be using doctors as border guards.

“GP appointments are already like gold-dust in some areas, and this will reduce the amount of time doctors can see patients even further.

“They only way to ensure everyone gets the treatment they are entitled to is to introduce compulsory health insurance for anyone visiting Britain. If someone need emergency treatment, clearly they will get it, this is more about people with conditions that require on-going or long term treatment.

“This would save the NHS the £2billion it loses to health tourism each year, and could be spent on improving the NHS for everyone.

“The money could be used to abolish hospital car parking charges, and significantly help fund research into Alzheimer’s disease, now the biggest killer of women over the age of 55.”

Other EU countries are supposed to refund the cost of treating their nationals, but often money is not claimed due to bad record keeping.

Ms Bours added: “It will be at the discretion of GPs who they check for eligibility and who they don’t, but in order to not cause offence they will probably check everybody, and that will take a lot of time and effort and is a clear waste of their expertise and training.”

Labour NHS claims untrue


Labour claims that UKIP wants to scrap ‘our free NHS’ have been described as utter nonsense by the party’s Health spokesman Louise Bours.

“They are also blatant lies, as we have made it quite plain that we have no such intention, and they are well aware of that. They are again using the health service as a political football to mislead voters.

“It is rather ironic that inaccurate flyers they distribute refer to ‘our’ free NHS when it is Labour that introduced privatisation with the PFI system which is one of the financial millstones dragging it down with £300bn debts,” said Ms Bours, North West

“It is not their NHS, it belongs to us all and UKIP is committed to keeping it free at point of delivery for all British nationals. UKIP is also the only party that can save it and keep it free. Since Tony Blair got his hands on the NHS spending on managers has gone up by more than £700m.

“The Tories have also failed our health service and helped bring it to its knees and just throwing money at it does not work, it must be channelled correctly.

“We would invest £3bn extra in the NHS, money to be spent by clinicians for patients, not sucked up by admin and management. And this would be achieved without raising taxes or borrowing yet more money.

“By leaving the EU, as the majority in this country want to do, we’ll save £10bn and we will also end health tourism, saving another £2bn. From this money £3bn would be spent on the frontline and providing the world class service that patients deserve.”