Voter ID needed

Dear Editor, 

Plans for voters to have to prove their identity at the ballot box has my full backing.

There have been squeals from some quarters about the government’s proposals but it is frankly overdue. Fraud may not have been widespread, though no one can say for sure, but any such dishonesty taints our electoral system.

I am not in favour of our first-past-the-post voting system but it is what we currently have and it is vital that it not only above board but seen to be above board. ballotboxpic

For those without photo ID two or three forms of proof, such as utility bills, could be used. All adults, rich or poor, should have the ability to vote.

The requirement for voter ID works in Northern Ireland and it should work here too. Continue reading Voter ID needed

Wigan bin collections slashed

Dear Editor,

Wigan council have announced that fortnightly waste bin collections are set to be  reduced to a three-week rota.

Like some kind of Bad Santa, Lord Peter Smith has delivered this troubling news just as the families of Wigan were just preparing for the festive season.  council-bins

He claims that the council needs to make budget savings – might I suggest that if the council spent less on politically correct billboard schemes and glitzy corporate branding, it might not have to make these cuts in the first place.

Residents dutifully hand over their council tax each month and in return they expect, and need, to have their rubbish bins to be emptied at least fortnightly. What next? Will council decide to save more money by making it a monthly collection?

Yours faithfully 

Louise Bours MEP