Local police praised

Dear Editor, 

The police come in for a lot of criticism these days and sometimes it may be justified.

But little gestures like the officers who came to the aid of the stranded newlyweds in Burnley helps restore faith in our police force.

For those who missed the story, the bridal car taking Emma and Georgia Garnett to their wedding reception was involved in a crash, and the police called to the scene volunteered to take them.

All our emergency services personnel are over-stretched and under-funded and it is increasingly difficult for them to meet the demands made of them. But thoughtful and kind gestures remind us that they are all human and doing their best and we should not forget that.

Yours faithfully

Louise Bours MEP

New E-mail scam



Taxpayers have been warned by local MEP Louise Bours not to be tricked by bogus emails purporting to be from HMRC.

“Although the Inland Revenue has introduced controls to stop such phishing emails reaching their customers it has not completely eradicated the problem,” said Ms Bours, UKIP Euro-MP.

“While many people these days are on their guard against identity theft some people could be fooled into thinking they have received a genuine HMRC message and unwittingly hand over all their private information. 

“Only today I was contacted by one of my constituents who had just received such a  bogus email saying that they were due a tax refund and to click on a form that then asked for absolutely all the information a fraudster would need to hack their accounts and set up new ones,” said Ms Bours.

“They wisely ignored it and forwarded it to the HMRC at phishing@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk, and I would advise anyone else who receives a suspect email like that to do the same.

“I hate to think of people being taken in by such scams, particularly the more vulnerable in society, and I hope that those unscrupulous people behind them are traced and prosecuted, though as I suspect they are often based abroad, this can be difficult,” said Ms Bours.


Asylum seeker employment debate

Letter to Oldham Chronicle

Dear Editor,

Marzia Babakarkhail, the former Judge who escaped Afghanistan after the Taliban tried to kill her makes a very compelling case for allowing asylum seekers the right to work, however I do not believe it would work in practice.

In her own individual circumstances, there was a clear and present threat to her life and therefore I have no reason whatsoever to doubt the authenticity of her asylum claim.

Sadly, as the ongoing crisis in Syria has showed us, the very question of who is a genuine asylum seeker is very much open for debate. Thousands of mostly young men have travelled across the length of continental Europe under the guise of seeking asylum from war torn Syria when many in fact have come from Africa and other parts of Asia in order to permanently migrate and seek a more comfortable life.

If we were to allow all asylum seekers to work in the UK, it would just encourage non-genuine ‘refugees’ to become more determined to come here as economic migrants. As a result, genuine refugees would find that it would take longer for their case to be heard.

Yours faithfully 

Louise Bours MEP

Wigan shamed Doctor row

To Wigan Post

Dear Editor,

Our NHS is in the grips of its worst crisis in years with patients being urged to stay away from A&E, yet disgraced heart specialist Doctor Gohar Rahman is still on the payroll despite serving a 12 month ban for assaulting his teenage daughter. 

Whilst his generous salary is still being paid in full, the trust will no doubt be struggling to fund a replacement, meaning our hospital will be under even more pressure and patient care will consequently suffer as a result.


Doctors such as Gohar Rahman, who are unfit to practice and essentially struck off should have their pay suspended until they are cleared and ready to return to work so replacement staff can be hired to take their place.

Yours faithfully 

Louise Bours, MEP 

EU funding is misleading

Dear Editor,

I am glad that rural projects in the county have benefited from receiving over £270,000 through the Cheshire LEADER programme, creating dozens of jobs in the process.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start patting the EU on the back for this success. Between 2007 and 2013, Cheshire received in the region of £150 million through EU structural and development funding. However in that same period, Cheshire had paid in £535 million, meaning that we were paying a whopping £3.58 for every pound we received.  Continue reading EU funding is misleading

Education needed, not bans

Dear Editor,

If killjoy former public health director Professor John Ashton had his way, not only would he ban the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck from Carlisle but I suspect he would ban the entire holiday season too.

Every Christmas, many of us overindulge on the mince pies, chocolates and an assortment of festive alcoholic beverages. Should we therefore ban Christmas as it encourages us to over-eat each year? Of course not. 

We all know that sugary, fizzy drinks are not the cornerstone of a healthy, nutritious diet but banning products we don’t like will only drive children into wanting them even more. What we need is to better educate children and parents on healthy alternatives to drinks such as Coca-Cola.  Continue reading Education needed, not bans

New Waste row

Dear Editor,

St Helens Council have some serious questions to answer after if was revealed that household recycling had been dumped into general waste following an unacceptable backlog resulting in some residents not having a collection since before Christmas. 

The council website is very clear that £100 fixed penalty notices are in place if waste is ‘deposited or fly tipped without due care’. Perhaps affected residents should have the right to fine the council the same amount per household for failing to provide a service that was promised to them.  Continue reading New Waste row

Wirral Council issues

Dear Editor,

It looks as though Wirral Council will not be reducing the number of councillors from 66 to 44 members anytime soon.  Pity they did not take the same protective attitude with staff numbers.

With that in mind, perhaps local residents, already feeling the pinch from rising council tax, sky high parking fees and a general decline in the quality in public services, would appreciate assurances that councillor allowances would remain frozen in the years to come.

More services such as waste collection are now pooled together with the rest of Merseyside but residents are not seeing any benefit whatsoever. Now it seems, the council are intent on introducing new parking charges on the borough’s country parks whilst hiking existing charges on the high street.

The Labour controlled council would quite happily tax the air we breathe if they had their way just so they can spend it on something daft like unnecessary newspapers that amount to nothing more than blatant vanity.

As the Liverpool City Region grows in power and importance, you do have to wonder whether 66 councillors in Wirral will be left twiddling their thumbs looking for something to do. Sooner or later, Wirral council will just become a scrutinising body for the Metro Mayor so it makes sense to adapt to the changes now and save money for the local taxpayer in the process.

Yours faithfully,

Louise Bours MEP

Criminal behavior in Crewe

Dear Editor, 

So Konnie Looms has finally received a criminal behaviour order that bans her from much of Crewe and Sandbach following a spate of assaults and criminal damage that has gone on for more than a year. 

Sadly, I fail to see what has really achieved here. You have a young woman, clearly capable of causing serious anti-social behaviour who has not really been punished for her actions but merely told to ‘move along’. 

People in Crewe and Sandbach are right to be pleased that she is now banned from their towns but what is to stop her from simply moving on to Congleton and Holmes Chapel? Will residents there have to put up with her nonsense for 12 months until she is banned again. Where after that? Nantwich? Middlewich?

Criminals such as Konnie Looms will carry on terrorising innocent people until they are taken off the streets and given the help they so desperately need – whilst serving a custodial sentence.

Yours faithfully,

Louise Bours MEP

Jobs boost in Bolton

Dear Editor, 

Forgive me if I am mistaken, but were we not told that a vote to leave the European Union would be so devastating to our economy that industry would pack up and leave, resulting in many people finding themselves out of work?lidl

Why is it then that Lidl have announced last week that they are looking to invest in a new regional distribution facility in Bolton at a cost of £22.5 million and create 500 new jobs in the process? 

I will tell you the reason. Because these so-called forecasts by the Bank of England and the ‘Remain’ camp turned out to be based on nothing more than pie-in-the-sky speculation.

Successful companies such as Lidl and its like-for-like rival Aldi know which way the wind is blowing. They see continued sky high youth unemployment in the ailing Eurozone whereas recent data shows our economy growing faster than any other G7 nation. Both companies, plus many more have pledged to invest heavily in the UK in the coming years, creating thousands of jobs in the process.

A convincing 58% of Bolton voters backed Brexit therefore I am glad that their courage seems to already be paying dividends.

Yours faithfully,

Louise Bours MEP