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Leave the EU to save NHS

Junior doctors should campaign against Cameron’s cuts and in favour of Brexit

Published Apr 26, 2016

UKIP MEP and Health Spokeswoman Louise Bours commenting on the junior doctors strike said: “Junior doctors should realise that by leaving the European Union and saving our vast EU contribution we could fund the NHS much better.

“With the money that we send to the EU each year we could instead build 50 new hospitals and give a huge boost to improving our NHS. An intelligent junior doctor would at this stage be campaigning against Cameron’s cuts and in favour of Brexit.

“If we want to fund the NHS properly we must have the means to do it at our disposal.”

True cost of migration

Migration costs the NHS far more than we ever knew

Revelations that EU citizens don’t have to prove who they are before receiving free treatment on the NHS shows just how much the National Health Service has become the International Health Service, according to UKIP Health Spokesman, Louise Bours MEP.

Louise Bours MEP

As the debate on whether the UK should leave or remain in the EU turns its attention to the NHS, a health minister has been forced to admit that GPs and hospitals must treat immigrants even if they do not produce an EU health card and refuse to provide any identification to show their entitlement. The news is a huge boost to those arguing the NHS is suffering as a result of the UK’s membership of the EU. Reacting to the government’s admission, Ms Bours said: “The government have tried to bury this bad news right from the start.

“It wasn’t even in Cameron’s renegotiation attempts because he clearly didn’t want the public to know that while we are in the EU anyone and everyone can come here, get treatment funded by the UK taxpayer, and then go home again without contributing a single penny to the cost.

“Doctors have been advised by the government not to ask if someone is entitled to treatment just in case it’s seen as being discriminatory, so basically, because of our arrangement with the EU anyone from anywhere in the world can come here and be treated at our expense.

“It has to stop. This is our NHS, not Europe’s or any other continent’s, and the fact that Cameron didn’t include it in the renegotiation is all the proof we need that the only way we can ensure we British taxpayers get the NHS we need and deserve, is to leave the EU.”

The admission came when a Euro-sceptic MP asked a Parliamentary Question about who can and cannot register for NHS treatment.

Health minister Alistair Burt answered: “Anyone can seek to register as an NHS patient with a GP practice by approaching one directly and submitting a written and signed application.

“A practice cannot legally refuse to register someone because they do not possess identification or documents.”

Recent figures also show that the UK has a poor record in claiming cost for treating EU nationals from other countries, as it is entitled to do.

This ‘health tourism gap’ means the UK is now paying out £15 for the healthcare costs of Britons who fall ill abroad for every £1 it gets back for NHS treatment of European visitors.

Ms Bours added: “Once you are registered with a GP you have access to the entire NHS, including hospitals.

“The law is that if you don’t live here long-term you are supposed to pay for any non-urgent or emergency care, but many hospitals assume that if you have a GP you are entitled to the full range of treatment, free.

“We do not want to turn medics into border guards. The government needs to get serious about the NHS for the sake of those of us who rely upon it, and that means ditching the EU.”

Breast ironing must be stopped

Published Apr 17, 2016

The Department of Health should work hand-in-glove with the Home Office to stamp out the “appalling and barbaric” ritual of breast-ironing, says UKIP Health Spokesman Louise Bours.

Ms Bours says breast ironing should be considered another form of female genital mutilation (FGM), a practice she has long campaigned against.

Breast ironing uses heated objects, including stones and hammers, to flatten a girl’s breasts to stop them from developing.


It is thought to have affected at least 1,000 women in the UK, although there is no exact figure. Not a single prosecution against it has ever taken place in this country.

Breast ironing is typically carried out when the girls are aged between 11 and 15 as they enter puberty, and is often done by the victim’s own family under the “misguided intention” of protecting her from rape and sexual harassment, according to the United Nations.

The UN estimates up to 3.8 million girls worldwide are affected.

Breast ironing is particularly widespread in the West African nations of Cameroon, Guinea-Bissau, Chad, Togo and Benin.

Ms Bours, MEP for the North West, said: “There is something particularly wrong with the way young women are seen in certain cultures.

“Breast ironing is as medieval and barbaric as FGM, where a young woman or girl’s genitals are butchered for no good reason whatsoever.  Continue reading Breast ironing must be stopped

Pro EU BBC bias?

UKIP blasts BBC bias for airing EU-funded documentary on Obama weeks before pro-EU intervention.



“The BBC has shown outlandish pro-EU bias by accepting to air a sycophantic documentary of President Obama grant-aided €300,000 by the European Commission, weeks before he visits London to spread a Remain message” says UKIP MEP Louise Bours. The last part of the 4 piece documentary is broadcast Tuesday 5th April.

“By choosing to air such a ridiculously sycophantic and EU-funded documentary on President Obama, the BBC has shown its clear bias again on EU matters.”bbceu

MEP Bours, a member of the Culture Committee in the European Parliament said from Brussels today:

“Coming hot on the heels of EU funded BBC mockumentary ‘Great European Disaster Movie’, it is clear the BBC has no shame, but at least this time, they displayed the EU logo in the credits.

Speaking personally I find that many fine BBC journalists work in an honest and balanced fashion. I regret to note that the BBC Bureau in Brussels however rarely asks UKIP MEPs for comment while Pro-EU pundits get frequently interviewed.”

“And Obama is so fond of the EU’s political union I wonder what the chances of him agreeing to let a Supreme Court Mexico has final say over US laws, and the American people agreeing a free movement deal with Mexico, and them having a common army with Colombia. That is what an EU equivalent in the Americas would be.”

Continue reading Pro EU BBC bias?

E-cigarette tax hike slammed

In response to news that the European Union is to enforce tax hikes on e-cigarettes to place them in the same duty bracket as tobacco, UKIP Health Spokesman Louise Bours said: “All this will do is discourage people from vaping, which even Public Health England say is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.

“Only 24 hours ago we learned from a study by the University College London that 20,000 people a year give up smoking tobacco and use e-cigarettes instead. They also found that while just 5% of smokers trying to give up without help are actually successful in staying off tobacco, those who vape as an alternative have a 50% success rate of quitting smoking.

“When you look at those figures and realise how many lives could be being saved, as well as the savings that would bring to the NHS, it makes the EU’s idea of raising taxes on potential life-saving devices look like an act of sheer folly.

“If we want to encourage people to give up smoking, which we do, then surely we should give them every encouragement instead of raising taxes on the very devices that are helping them.”

UKIP anger over maternity blunders

UKIP health spokesman Louise Bours has reacted with anger at shock figures revealing at least 340 blunders occur every day on NHS maternity wards.

A major review into the safety of maternity services is being published today by the NHS aiming to ensure mistakes do not happen again. NHS

“I appreciate that most mistakes are classed as ‘near misses’ or low injury but alarmingly 151 women and newborns died last year with another 351 suffering severe harm,” said Ms Bours, North West MEP.

“What has happened to the extra midwives that David Cameron promised? Instead of spending time and money trying to keep this country in the failing EU he should be devoting more time to ensuring the NHS gets the resources it so desperately needs.

“It is outrageous that in this day and age women and their babies are needlessly dying or being injured in maternity units. We are not a third world country and this should not be happening.

“And of course the pressure on services has increased enormously, and is still increasing, because of uncontrolled immigration,” she said.


Figures from NHS England show that 124,143 safety incidents were reported by NHS hospital maternity units last year, a number which has increased by 4 per cent on the previous year when 119,561 were reported.


Labour’s ludicrous comments slammed

Labour MP Jess Phillips’ insistence that sex assaults by migrants on women in Cologne are the same as an average weekend night in Birmingham have been strongly criticised Ukip MEP Louise Bours.

Jess Phillips MP

Ms Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardley, has faced calls to resign since she made the inflammatory remarks on BBC1’s political debate show Question Time on Thursday evening.
Residents and business owners have already described her comments were “irresponsible, highly inaccurate and misleading”.
Ms Phillips, the MP for Birmingham Yardley, told the Question Time audience that the attacks in Germany were no different to the situation women find themselves in the centre of Birmingham.
The Labour MP said: “There is violence against women and girls that you are describing, a very similar situation to what happened in Cologne could be described on Broad Street in Birmingham every week where women are baited and heckled.
“We have to attack what we perceive as being patriarchal culture coming into any culture that isn’t patriarchal and making sure we tell people not to be like that.”
On New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany, dozens of women found themselves trapped in a crowd of around 1,000 men, who groped them, tore off their underwear, and shouted insults.
German authorities have since said that almost all of the New Year’s Eve sex attackers have a “migrant background”. Two victims claim to have been raped.
In response to Ms Phillips, West Midlands police said the Cologne attacks were “a million miles” away from a night out in Birmingham’s Broad Street.
Superintendent Andy Parsons, Police Commander for Central Birmingham, said that Ms Phillips’ comments “aren’t born out certainly in terms of crime statistics”.
He said: “I’ve got recent experience myself policing New Year on Broad Street, it was extremely busy and the atmosphere was one of celebration rather than one of sexual overtones.
“In a night time economy …there will be activity that is alcohol fuelled – but is it fair to compare it to incidents in Cologne on New Year? I don’t think it is.”
Ms Bours, MEP for the North West and Ukip health spokesman, said: “I was genuinely astonished to hear Jess Phillips make such a ludicrous comparison.
“While no one would pretend that we don’t have incidents of sexually aggressive behaviour towards women in the UK, to compare the two is simply ridiculous.

Continue reading Labour’s ludicrous comments slammed

Integration failure slammed


News that there was been a failure of integration between Muslim groups and local communities in towns such as Oldham and Accrington comes “as no surprise” to Louise Bours MEP.

A report published today (THURS) by the think tank Policy Exchange reveals that places with high proportions of Muslims tended to have high levels of residential segregation and had high levels of deprivation.

Ms Bours, Ukip MEP for the North West, said the report would merely confirm what many people living in those towns knew already.

She said: “This is the evidence of the complete failure of multiculturalism thrust upon on places like Accrington and Oldham by the former Labour government.

“In an attempt to stuff towns with Labour voters, not only have they created division among communities, they have also increased pressure on local services and job opportunities.”

The Policy Exchange report said that areas of poor integration were post-industrial districts of Yorkshire and Lancashire dominated by people of Pakistani heritage such as Oldham, Accrington and Bradford.

Louise Bours MEP
Louise Bours MEP

Areas with high proportions of Muslims were likely to have high levels of residential segregation and were among the most deprived, the report added.

Among the most integrated places were wealthy suburban areas such as Esher in Surrey, Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire and Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands.

Towns of Eastern England that have experienced a huge influx of Eastern Europeans were similarly affected, the report said.  Continue reading Integration failure slammed

Oven glove madness from EU

New laws from Brussels designed to stop us getting our fingers burnt are far too late – that happened when we joined the European Union, says UKIP MEP Louise Bours.

Her comments come in the wake of approval yesterday in Strasbourg of the Personal Protection Equipment Directive, which means oven gloves marketed as “protective” will have to withstand heat of up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Rubber washing-up gloves will also have to be tested to ensure they can withstand kitchen detergents and cleaning products.


Ms Bours, MEP for the North West, said: “We have actually had more than our fingers burnt after being misled into joining the Common Market, we have watched our sovereignty going up in flames.

“Here we have another unnecessary interference in our lives from bored bureaucrats whose role seems to be dreaming up more and more ways to meddle in our lives.  Continue reading Oven glove madness from EU

The gift of organ donation

News that the NHS will no longer seek additional consent where a deceased person had joined the donor register has been welcomed by UKIP’s health spokesman, Louise Bours MEP.

Bereaved families have vetoed the donation of organs from hundreds of registered donors in the last five years, new figures show, prompting transplant chiefs to announce that they will no longer ask relatives for consent.

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) data reveals that relatives blocked transplants in 547 – or one in seven – cases since 2010.

donorThe body said it would no longer seek a family’s formal consent in order to reduce the number of “overrides”, according to the BBC.

The bereaved will be given a leaflet which explains consent remains with the deceased, although they can still block donation by providing reasons in writing.

Ms Bours said: “Donating an organ after death is one of the most honourable and generous gifts a person can give.

“Not only does it transform the life of a very sick person and their family, it often greatly comforts the family of the deceased, who can feel their loved one has left an ongoing legacy and has been someone’s hero.

“It is of course a very upsetting time for a bereaved family, and their reluctance for any invasive procedure on the deceased is understandable, but we do have to respect the final wishes of the deceased. There is also a strong argument to say that asking for confirmation from the family may put them under pressure at a time they just need comfort.

“How people feel at their initial and often unexpected loss maybe very different to how they feel once time has helped them through some of the grieving process, and I feel that many will look back and see the generosity and compassion of their loved one going on the register and benefits and comfort that decision brought about.”