Do your bit for Fairtrade


People in the North West are being encouraged by local MEP Louise Bours to “do their bit” during Fairtrade Fortnight, which begins today. ( Mon)

“These days we are all used to buying products which have been shipped here from all over the world.

“But how often do we pause to think about the farmers who grow these items, such as coffee, chocolate, bananas, tea and sugar?” queried Ms Bours, UKIP Euro-MP.

“The reality is that millions of farmers who grow food in developing countries are barely making a living. Fairtrade Fortnight is a timely reminder of this and the need for us to do our bit to help.  

“Farmers who sell their crops on Fairtrade terms get a much better deal so by choosing products bearing the Fairtrade mark we are helping them receive a viable income. They get a premium to invest in business or community projects so they can better provide for themselves and their communities.

“For instance in 2013-14, cocoa farmers earned more than £8.4 million in Fairtrade Premiums and almost a quarter was invested in directly supporting farming families meet their daily needs.

“Fairtrade aims to address the underlying inequities caused by poverty and this is far more beneficial that handing out millions in foreign aid so much of which is wasted and lost to corruption and inefficiency.

“The farmers also need free access to British, European and the US markets and away from the constraints of the EU we will be able to make free trade agreements with whoever we chose.

“Meanwhile I would urge local people to consciously choose Fairtrade items, not just in the next fortnight, but for the future,” she added.


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