Dog free zones?

Dear Editor, 

No one likes to have a pleasant walk on the beach spoilt by dog poo, particularly if you have children with you.

It is obviously the fault of irresponsible dog owners but I fear that Sefton Council’s plans for dog-free zones on beaches in their borough is using a hammer to crack a nut.  

In the same way that owners who do not pick up after their dog in streets and parks can be given a fixed penalty notice those who offend on beaches should face the same stricture.

But having dog free zones and restricting the number of dogs that can be walked by an individual is a step too far in my book. Local authorities should be encouraging people to get out in the fresh air and exercise not deter them.

Consultation on the plans have now begun and I would urge people who feel as I do to register their concerns. 

Yours faithfully

Louise Bours MEP

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