End FGM Once and for All

My Wish for International Women’s Day? The End of FGM Once and for All

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a day calling for “parity” or a level playing field between men and women.

But really, how can there be true parity when young women and girls across the world are still being butchered on the say so of their male masters?

I am talking about something genuinely sinister – the disgusting and immoral practice of female genital mutilation (FGM).

It revolts me that there has never been a single successful prosecution for FGM in the United Kingdom, despite the NHS’s own estimate of some 137,000 women and girls having been harmed in this way.

FGM is seen as a “hidden” crime because its victims are often taken from the UK on holiday, and operated upon in their countries of ethnic origin, before returning here quite literally scarred for life.


To begin to confront the sheer wickedness of FGM is to first understand precisely what it is.

There are four types – removing part or all of… READ MORE


One thought on “End FGM Once and for All”

  1. This is a brave and truthful post written by someone who cares. Unfortunately, hipster left wing feminists and Labour politicians alike in the ultimate act of contempt- refuse to properly evaluate the darker and in fact illegal aspects of multiculturalism.
    The effect of these neo colonial attitudes expressed by both left and right politicians is to condemn to the ghetto generations of non white Britons. This is not any kind of respect for diversity- it’s just plain bigotry.
    Meanwhile, FGM practices continue unabated with even local doctors involved. As always, the approach is to hush everything up and the effect, just as in Rotherham, is to silence and marginalise our most vulnerable citizens.
    Yet this is not done out of any kind of respect for Islam and Muslims. Nowhere in the Qu’ran or had its is this practice mentioned and FGM is routinely condemned by Islamic scholars. The silence is then bigotry, a part of Labour’s support for repressive patriarchy in Muslim communities in exchange for guaranteed votes.
    We should all be grateful for Louise ‘ s highlighting of this issue, which I believe is part of UKIP’s commitment to social justice in all communities

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