Skirting around the issue: German Mayor apportions blame to sex attack victims

German government officials are now starting to sound like radical Islamists, according to a UKIP politician.
The charge comes following the events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve when nearly 100 women were attacked by over 1000 men of Arab and African appearance.
Following the attacks some German officials suggested the women were partly to blame and should do more to prevent themselves being attacked by men in future.
The mayor of Cologne Henriette Reker has since suggested a code of conduct for German women that includes an instruction on how German women should behave around these men of “Arab or North African appearance”, and includes staying at arm’s length away from strangers, remaining in their own groups, and asking bystanders for help or at least act as witnesses to any assault.
Ms Reker added that “visitors” from “other cultures” should be taught what is and what is not acceptable behaviour in Germany, suggesting she believes most if not all the perpetrators were migrants.
Reacting to news of the German authority’s response, UKIP MEP and national spokesman Louise Bours said: “With this utterly misogynistic opinion, is it any wonder the German authorities don’t mind opening their doors to a million potential radical Islamists, they are starting to sound like them, they seem to share the same opinion about women and their bodies.
Louise Bours MEP
Louise Bours MEP
“It is not the fault of the women, that this took place, it is the fault of those men that have no respect for women and see them as having no rights and no status in society. Women should not have to learn how to act in-front of foreign men visiting the country. 

“If you didn’t know already it was said by Reker you would be entirely forgiven for thinking it had come out of the mouth of a jihadi, ready to throw gay people off buildings and stone to death any adulterers. (Only the female of course, the man gets a pat on the back and is free to do it again)
“If Donald Trump had said it, you’d see another petition from right-on lefties calling for him to be banned from visiting Britain. Where’s the petition to ban Reker from the UK?
“What does this teach young women about their place in society?
“The most outrageous element is that I don’t even think the mayor believes what she is saying, I think it is an effort to pass the buck of blame onto the women themselves, so the authorities don’t have to admit they put the safety and security of their own citizens at risk, to pursue their own multiculturalism ideology.”
Since the attacks both Sweden and Denmark has reinstated border controls ditched under the EU’s Schengen agreement.
Ms Bours added: “Of course the biggest worry for me now is that to get rid of these sex abusers all Germany has to do is give them a German passport, and because of the freedom of movement rules David Cameron likes so much, they would be free to come and live here.”

4 thoughts on “Skirting around the issue: German Mayor apportions blame to sex attack victims”

  1. What Ms Bours says is absolutely spot on but I am wondering why the German people are so quiet and acquiescent – or are they.
    Whatever the consequence in terms economic well being of the UK there is no doubt the EU policy of allowing mass migration of these people into their country does mean we have no choice but to leave the EU

  2. Well said.
    We have all had enough of right-on lefties thinking they know what we “must” do. An other “feminist” professor ( professor – Professor Hudson, from Texas A&M University) has said, ‘While the humanitarian needs of the refugees streaming into Europe MUST be foremost in our minds at this time, policy makers in Sweden and other countries should also think of the long-term consequences of an unprecedented alteration in the young adult sex ratios of their societies.'”

    I think we would al like to know WHY MUST it be foremost? We do not have to do anything for large groups of males running away from muslim societies when their OWN islamic societies do nothing for them!
    If anything it is the needs of OUR communities and our children, womenfolk and other women MUST come first, not theirs (all of whom seem curiously to have been left behind to defend for themselves in war-torn Syria, Afghanistan, North Africa etc – wrongly in my view interfered with by the USA when many systems were stable and economically viable in themselves)

    And this is the problem with leftists, they pretend to have some authority – that they do NOT have – to tell us what we must do. Time to tell them what THEY MUST do?? Starting, perhaps, by understanding where the values of reformed enlightened rational thinking came from, for starters, and what the marxist perversion of this has done to damage freedoms and destroy lives and societies everywhere, for seconds, and just getting a critical mind if you happen to be the Mayor of a Town responsible for several hundred thousand women, or professor in a University – instead of being braindead.

  3. The Cologne mayor should be forced to resign as their police chief was forced to do. They’re both unfit for office and the comments coming from the mayor are utterly inexcusable. The person ultimately to blame for this outrage is Merkel who should also resign and hand the reins over to someone who is of sound mind and able to serve the best interests of Germany and the whole of Europe.

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