Give Liscard a boost

Dear Editor, 

Wirral Council’s decision to extend free car parking on Saturdays in their Birkenhead car parks for the rest of the month is fine and dandy for those traders – but what about Liscard?

For far too long Liscard has been the Cinderella in terms of investment and improvements on Wirral. Once upon a time the centre attracted shoppers from other parts of the peninsula but it has long since gone downhill and is used just out of convenience by those who live close by.

The Labour council always seems to prioritise Birkenhead over Wallasey and here we go again with this free parking venture. This will benefit the former over the latter and meanwhile shops are continuing to close in the Cherry Tree centre.

I assume the three Labour Liscard councillors fight for their residents but the council must think outside the Birkenhead box and actively encourage investment to the area. 

Plenty of attention has been given to New Brighton and it is good to see how it is flourishing. Now it is time for Liscard to be given a boost.

Yours faithfully

Louise Bours MEP

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