Salad crisis?

Dear Editor, 

Oh no, I can only buy three Iceberg lettuces at a time! How ever will I cope?

And broccoli rationed too, also thanks to bad weather in Southern Europe. I’m sure there are children all over the country in floods of tears at the veggie news.

What occurs to me, as it often does, is that we should go back to eating food in season. How I remember looking forward to June and the first English strawberries and later on lovely sweet home grown tomatoes. 

Now we have got used to having every vegetable and fruit we could possibly want on the shelves all year round. A glance at the labels, particularly this time of year, will tell a sorry tale about the huge distances the items have travelled.

We have natural growing seasons and the resulting crops are at their very best and always taste better than those shipped in from far away. In fact the more local the produce the better, for both the farmer and the customer, so no I’m not shedding tears over the current supply hiccup.

It’s winter for heavens sake, who wants tasteless lettuce, when there are plenty of local carrots, turnips, cabbage, sprouts etc etc??

Yours faithfully

Louise Bours MEP

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