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Town Hall Fat Cats

Dear Editor,

A damning report on council pay, the Town Hall Rich list 2017, has singled out Liverpool City Council following the £461,823 remuneration package of David McElhinney, former Chief Executive of Liverpool Direct.

I, for one am not the least bit surprised. Once again we have another example of a Labour dominated council compensating its top earners to the extent that it could have paid the Prime Minister’s salary three times over. It’s ridiculous.  Continue reading Town Hall Fat Cats

New Waste row

Dear Editor,

St Helens Council have some serious questions to answer after if was revealed that household recycling had been dumped into general waste following an unacceptable backlog resulting in some residents not having a collection since before Christmas. 

The council website is very clear that £100 fixed penalty notices are in place if waste is ‘deposited or fly tipped without due care’. Perhaps affected residents should have the right to fine the council the same amount per household for failing to provide a service that was promised to them.  Continue reading New Waste row

Wigan bin collections slashed

Dear Editor,

Wigan council have announced that fortnightly waste bin collections are set to be  reduced to a three-week rota.

Like some kind of Bad Santa, Lord Peter Smith has delivered this troubling news just as the families of Wigan were just preparing for the festive season.  council-bins

He claims that the council needs to make budget savings – might I suggest that if the council spent less on politically correct billboard schemes and glitzy corporate branding, it might not have to make these cuts in the first place.

Residents dutifully hand over their council tax each month and in return they expect, and need, to have their rubbish bins to be emptied at least fortnightly. What next? Will council decide to save more money by making it a monthly collection?

Yours faithfully 

Louise Bours MEP