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Victims of crime let down

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to hear last week that 56-year-old Obidzans Bobonazarovs of Crewe escaped jail despite pleading guilty to a raft of sexual offences involving as many as 13 children, some aged as young as nine years old.


Suspended sentencing may work for first time, non-violent offenders who pose no risk to public safety, however Bobonazarov’s crimes were of a very serious nature that should result in immediate custodial sentencing. Sadly, he was let off with a slap on the wrist.  Continue reading Victims of crime let down

A worthy cause

A political heavyweight is risking a punch on the nose to help raise funds for youngsters suffering from the same genetic disease that sadly led to the death of a baby from Crewe.

Jonathan Arnott, a UKIP MEP, is taking part in a chess-boxing event on Sunday in London with the aim of raising money for theAlly Cadence Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Sophie Harling

He decided to promote this particular charity after hearing about the death of Sophie Harling, who sadly died last October aged just ten months. She was the daughter of a fellow MEP’s employee, Wayne Harling, who lives with his wife Lizzie in Crewe.

Jonathan is to face Lib Dem Toby ‘Slowby’ White in the contest of “brains and brawn” at London’s famous boxing venue, York Hall, on April Fools Day – but it  is no joke and he wants as many people as possible to show their support by donating to the charity.

The contest involves involves three minute rounds of chess followed by two minutes of boxing. Chess and boxing rounds alternate until there is a winner. Competitors can either knock their opponents out by checkmate on the board, or more fittingly by a knockout in the boxing ring. If neither checkmate nor knockout occurs, then the end result of the bout is determined by the judges’ scorecards.

36-year-old Jonathan has previously competed in international chess tournaments but as a novice boxer he has been practising with a sparring partner to build up his stamina and expertise. Continue reading A worthy cause

Save Crewe Town Centre

Dear Editor,

It seems to me that once again, residents and visitors to the Crewe and Nantwich areas of Cheshire East are footing the bill when it comes to council parking charges after paying a whopping £1.5 million.

Some may argue that Nantwich is a thriving market town, bustling with independent shops, nice cafes and well kept pubs; however, the same can’t be said for Crewe. The town centre of Crewe is on its knees and some parts of the high street now resemble an economic ghost town. crewewelcome

Meanwhile, more affluent towns such as Sandbach continue to enjoy free parking. Consequently, it is of no surprise that whilst Sandbach continues to thrive, Crewe is left to wither and die.  Continue reading Save Crewe Town Centre

Save Crewe high street

To: Crewe newspapers

Dear Editor,

Once upon a time and not so long ago, Crewe town centre was home to a bustling high-street with the biggest household names, all with their doors open ready for shoppers to spend their hard earned cash.crewewelcome

Sadly, the Crewe high street of 2016 is nothing more than a ghostly shell of its former self as store after store either relocates to Grand Junction or more sadly, disappears from the town altogether.

In the last couple of years we have lost, amongst others, The Body Shop, Mothercare and BHS. Marks and Spencer will be merging its operations at Grand Junction next spring leaving yet another large vacant unit.

Tory dominated Cheshire East say they have plans to save the high street but unless these plans bear fruit soon, there won’t be much of a town centre left to save. Meanwhile, the opposition-less Labour Town Council has neither the teeth nor gumption to do anything to save the town.

Unless we see plans soon for a new department store or a raft of popular and upscale bars and restaurants soon, we may as well just pack up shop and turn the lot into new, quality flats.

Yours faithfully,

Louise Bours MEP