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Victims of crime let down

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to hear last week that 56-year-old Obidzans Bobonazarovs of Crewe escaped jail despite pleading guilty to a raft of sexual offences involving as many as 13 children, some aged as young as nine years old.


Suspended sentencing may work for first time, non-violent offenders who pose no risk to public safety, however Bobonazarov’s crimes were of a very serious nature that should result in immediate custodial sentencing. Sadly, he was let off with a slap on the wrist.  Continue reading Victims of crime let down

Criminal behavior in Crewe

Dear Editor, 

So Konnie Looms has finally received a criminal behaviour order that bans her from much of Crewe and Sandbach following a spate of assaults and criminal damage that has gone on for more than a year. 

Sadly, I fail to see what has really achieved here. You have a young woman, clearly capable of causing serious anti-social behaviour who has not really been punished for her actions but merely told to ‘move along’. 

People in Crewe and Sandbach are right to be pleased that she is now banned from their towns but what is to stop her from simply moving on to Congleton and Holmes Chapel? Will residents there have to put up with her nonsense for 12 months until she is banned again. Where after that? Nantwich? Middlewich?

Criminals such as Konnie Looms will carry on terrorising innocent people until they are taken off the streets and given the help they so desperately need – whilst serving a custodial sentence.

Yours faithfully,

Louise Bours MEP

Serious punishments needed for animal cruelty

Dear Editor,

The tragic case of a five month old kitten who was dumped and left to die in a sealed box with no food or water outside the entrance to Blackpool Zoo, highlights the urgent need to give the RSPCA the sharper teeth they need to catch and prosecute cases of animal cruelty. Sadly, these cases are happening all too often and not enough criminals are being brought to book.


We are famously known as a ‘nation of animal lovers’ largely due to pioneering legislation to safeguard animal welfare and the establishment of the RSCPA by William Wilberforce and other great social reformers of the time. However, with every case of animal neglect and cruelty that goes unpunished, we lose that title. 

I would very much like to see animal welfare legislation toughened up so that anyone who is convicted of animal cruelty receives a full life-time ban on keeping or looking after animals in the future whilst tripling the maximum jail term for serious offenders.

Yours faithfully,

Louise Bours MEP

Soft-touch judges slammed

Dear Editor,

In most walks of life, people make mistakes on more than one occasion and we are happy and ready to forgive and forget. However, the same most certainly should not be the case for violent thugs such as Jason Bamford who has been spared from going to prison despite throttling his girlfriend whilst serving an 18 month suspended sentence for a previous assault. cell

I am sick to death hearing of soft-touch judges who seem too petrified to send a violent man to prison.

How many more times must a violent offender be found guilty before this judge passes a custodial sentence?

For the sake of public safety, convicted violent thugs should be removed from society and put in prison where they belong.

Yours faithfully,

Louise Bours MEP

Perpetrator must pay for crime

Dear Editor,

The UK has for many years provided a safe refuge for those escaping persecution, particularly in the twentieth century. Jews in Europe in the 1930’s and Asians in Uganda in the 1970’s faced almost certain death and I am particularly proud that we as a nation were ready to accept those fleeing for their lives.

However, the recent case of Oldham resident Arshad Kharajan, now serving a 20 month sentence for taking sexual advantage of a vulnerable underage girl should bring in to question whether his continued refugee status should remain intact.

Whilst we have stepped up and taken responsibility for Mr Kharajan, he too should step up and take responsibility for his own actions.

I am of the firm belief that refugees and those seeking asylum who commit serious crimes, particularly those of a sexual nature should be stripped of any protected status and returned to their country of origin once their sentence has been served.

Surely we should prioritise protecting the safety of our own citizens above the protection of others.

Yours faithfully

Louise Bours MEP

EU Tobacco restrictions make criminals rich

Spanish police have today said two former IRA members were arrested last week as part of an investigation into money laundering and tobacco smuggling.

Louise Bours, UKIP MEP for the North West and spokesman on Health, said today: “The arrest of two IRA convicted terrorists for smuggling millions of euros’ worth of cigarettes is yet more proof that the heavy-handed interference by the EU in the tobacco trade is making criminals rich.”

“Oppressive restrictions on the legal sale and packaging of tobacco are the EU’s gift to smugglers, money-launderers and terrorists. These restrictions make it vastly profitable for Asian factories to manufacture contraband cigarettes which are then smuggled into the UK and other EU countries by the container load, destroying the business of legal, tax-paying manufacturers and tobacconists.”Cigarette-Smuggling

“The EU’s insistence on maintaining a perfect environment for fraudsters means a collapse in trade for British corner shops, which depend on tobacco sales to keep their businesses going.”

“Cigarette manufacturing in the UK is being hit, with hundreds of jobs lost because of packaging restrictions demanded by the EU Tobacco Directive. The busy-body, meddling EU must stop destroying jobs and investments. The way British adults choose to use legal tobacco is no business of Brussels, ” Ms Bours said.