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EU Alcohol rules row

It has been reported that lobbyists are having an influence on official alcohol safety limits. label

But the EU has banned minimum alcohol pricing and just objected to Ireland introducing alcohol labelling laws.

Responding UKIP Health spokeswomen Louise Bours MEPs said:”Anybody worried about the influence of lobbyists should come to Brussels where there are 15,000 of them working for mainly large corporations. 

“But an even more important issue before we ask is a specific law good or bad,  is the question of ‘Who finally decides the law?’

“The European Court of Justice forbade the Scottish Parliament from introducing a minimum price on alcohol a few months ago.

“And just yesterday we learn that 11 EU states and the European Commission have objected to the Republic of Ireland from introducing a law regarding labelling for alcohol and calories in drinks.  Continue reading EU Alcohol rules row

Recent media 05/05/2016


Below are some examples of my recent articles and quoted comments from the print and online media:

Leave the EU or lose the NHS says UKIP health spokesman Louise Bours: May 03, 2016


Junior doctors should campaign against Cameron’s cuts and in favour of Brexit: Apr 26, 2016


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EU Tampon Tax slammed

Tampon tax: Outside the EU we could set our own VAT rules and act immediately


UKIP Press Release

• UKIP MEP Louise Bours said:


“Outside the EU we could set our own VAT rules and act immediately rather than beg for EU concessions that could take years to implement. David Cameron having to plead for change just shows how weak and dependent he is on the EU.  Let’s vote to get out in June and control our own affairs.

“Under the current EU VAT rules (VAT directive) it is impossible to reduce an item to zero rate. No matter what was agreed in principle at the EU Council- that is the current EU law. These proposed changes on VAT rules will have to be proposed by the Commission, voted on by the European Parliament and agreed on by the Council. It could potentially take years.

“If we were outside the EU we could have decided to scrap the tampon tax years ago, instead we will now have to wait for the EU bureaucracy and legislative process to take its course, which could take years. It is completely outrageous the undemocratic EU gets to decide and set our tax rates in such a way.”

Some Basic Info (see document from the European Parliament Research Service on the request of UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP).

Under the current EU VAT rules (VAT directive) it is impossible to reduce an item to zero rate. No matter what was agreed in principle at the EU Council by Cameron – that is the current EU law.

The Commission underlined this in an answer a question to UKIP MEP Louise Bours “Introducing zero VAT rates for sanitary items would not be in line with the VAT Directive.”

The only way round it would be to amend the VAT directive itself.

It could be done in theory in two ways:

1. Include a specific reference in the directive allowing zero rate on sanitary items or
2. Create a mechanism to allow a change in the rate of products to zero rates.

The Commission has said it will be reviewing the VAT directive sometime in 2016. It is reported the Commission could issue a proposal as soon as next week.

Even if they started the amendment immediately it could take years to get any agreement on amending the VAT rules. If the 2nd option was taken, it could mean the Commission would have to produce another proposal possibly taking further years of legislative process. Or perhaps a system of EU approval for Member States to act.

Whatever was agreed in principle by the Council there may still be problems with individual Member States, especially if takes a while to get to Council – governments may have changed by then and decide to exercise a veto. (The vote in Council should be by unanimity)


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LibDem Scaremongering slammed

Lib Dem Leader Using “Project Fear” to Scare Ex-Pat OAPs

The Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has been exposed this week doing the very thing he accuses of his political rivals – using fear to back up a false argument.

In a speech in London on Tuesday, he claimed that the National Health Service would come u

Project fear: Tim Farron

nder increasing pressure if the United Kingdom broke free from the European Union.

His exact words were these: “I have to ask the question, given the hundreds of thousands of retired British people living in Europe, how our NHS would cope when they have to return?”

To an ex-pat living in an EU member state, those words could cause some alarm.

In the same speech, Tim also said: “The leave campaign will play nasty.”

Let’s take those two points to task.

First, Tim, whoever said that ex-pats would have to return home to Britain should the UK quit the EU?  Continue reading LibDem Scaremongering slammed

Cologne cover-ups criticised

Cologne cover-up shows politicians care more about Political Correctness than safety of women

• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 2 February 2016

Louise BOURS MEP (North West), UK Independence Party (UKIP), Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group  –@LouiseBoursUKIP

• Debate: New Strategy for gender equality and women’s rights post-2015

Oral question – [2016/2526(RSP)]
– Iratxe García Pérez (O-000006/2016 – B8-0103/2016)
Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality