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Concerns over FGM

Dear Editor,

While I am glad to see that new government guidance about reporting cases of female genital mutilation appears to be working I am nevertheless shocked at the extent of the problem in this country.

It has just been reported that 1,242 cases have been reported to healthcare providers in England between January and March. The NHS’s own estimate last year of 137,000 women and girls having been harmed in this way is simply appalling. fem

And what is also terrible is that there has never been a single successful prosecution for FGM in the UK.

It may not be regarded as an appropriate topic in polite company but it is a serious issue and must not be swept under the table. 

Yours faithfully

Louise Bours,  MEP

End FGM Once and for All

My Wish for International Women’s Day? The End of FGM Once and for All

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a day calling for “parity” or a level playing field between men and women.

But really, how can there be true parity when young women and girls across the world are still being butchered on the say so of their male masters?

I am talking about something genuinely sinister – the disgusting and immoral practice of female genital mutilation (FGM).

It revolts me that there has never been a single successful prosecution for FGM in the United Kingdom, despite the NHS’s own estimate of some 137,000 women and girls having been harmed in this way.

FGM is seen as a “hidden” crime because its victims are often taken from the UK on holiday, and operated upon in their countries of ethnic origin, before returning here quite literally scarred for life.


To begin to confront the sheer wickedness of FGM is to first understand precisely what it is.

There are four types – removing part or all of… READ MORE


BBC silence over FGM?


The BBC has been criticised by a Ukip MEP for its lack of coverage of female genital mutilation cases (FGM) in the UK.

Saturday, February 6 marks International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM and campaigners claim some 5,484 instances of the barbaric practice were reported in England alone between October 2014 and September last year. ZERO

The Health and Social Care Information Centre released data on Saturday saying medical professionals had recorded 1,385 FGM cases in England between July and September alone.

However, the charity Plan UK which campaigns against FGM, believes many more instances of the “hidden danger” go unreported.

The BBC’s website carried no reports of the FGM statistics on its main front page website on either Friday or Saturday.

Louise Bours, MEP for the North West and Ukip health spokesman, said: “On Friday the BBC was leading all day about the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s ongoing stay in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

“It’s second most highly-rated story was about a crane collapsing in New York. Elsewhere it was crowing about its new Top Gear presenter and what Al Shabab was up to in Somalia.

“And it was the same on Saturday. Lead stories were about the earthquake in Taiwan and the latest updates from Syria.

“Of course all of these are topics people need to know about, but why no obvious stories about the appalling number of FGM cases in the UK?

“The BBC is meant to be the British Broadcasting Corporation, yet it seems to be ignoring or at east downgrading the reporting of a horrific scandal taking place here on these shores.

“It is well known that FGM is carried out for highly dubious cultural and religious reasons in Africa and Asia, and is a practice that scars young women for life both physically and mentally.

“I find it appalling that our national broadcaster fails to sufficiently recognise the significance of a widespread crime carried out against young women in this country.”


Case of FGM reported in the UK every 96 minutes: Almost 5,500 instances were uncovered in a year but there are fears many more go unreported



Police unprepared to handle ‘honour crimes’

PC stands for Police Constable, not Politically Correct

News that some police forces in the UK feel hamstrung by political correctness when dealing with so-called honour crimes is “deeply disturbing”, says Louise Bours MEP.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has reported that three out of 43 forces are “completely unprepared” to deal with such crimes – and that only three across the country were prepared.

Louise Bours MEP

The BBC reports today that honour crime “is the name given to offences carried out by people claiming they are protecting their cultural and religious beliefs”.

Ms Bours, Ukip MEP for the North West, said: “I find it deeply disturbing that many of our police forces feel hindered by political correctness gone mad.

“I’m sure that for most people, if it was their daughter being mutilated, abused or sold off to the highest bidder, they would protect her by any means possible and to hell with what names people called them for doing so.

“The police exist to protect people’s safety and welfare, not a misguided cultural ideology. They must start doing their job properly when it comes to abuse and violence of this kind.

“It is not good enough to say the police have been scared about being seen to be racist. PC is supposed to stand for Police Constable, not Politically Correct.

“Clearly the only people that would try to say it is racist to punish Muslims that rape, abuse and mutilate young girls will be those that are committing the crimes and trying to find a way of justifying their despicable and primitive behaviour.

“Turning a blind eye also says to society that it is okay to act in such a way if you believe it is part of your culture and heritage; and yet we are surprised that Islamic terrorism is a growing threat.

“With over 11,000 ‘honour’ offences taking place in less than a year the police and authorities need to wake up, protect our people and even if they risk being called racist, they need to do the right thing.”


Police ‘not properly prepared’ to tackle honour-based crime