Town Hall Fat Cats

Dear Editor,

A damning report on council pay, the Town Hall Rich list 2017, has singled out Liverpool City Council following the £461,823 remuneration package of David McElhinney, former Chief Executive of Liverpool Direct.

I, for one am not the least bit surprised. Once again we have another example of a Labour dominated council compensating its top earners to the extent that it could have paid the Prime Minister’s salary three times over. It’s ridiculous. 

This month sees residents paying the first instalments of their 2017/18 council tax bill which has risen by 3.9%. Whilst some of it has been ring-fenced for social care, I suspect little else will be going towards protecting vital public services or improving the pay of the authority’s lowest earners while the council is paying such ridiculous salaries.

Yours faithfully,

Louise Bours MEP

Link to report:

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